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The Baby Test

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Have you recently done something and someone told you that you were acting like a big baby? Did you start to wonder if you really were and didn’t have any way to verify it? Well, worry no more because I’ve created a quiz that will determine if you are, in fact, a baby.

Question 1: What part of this toy is the most fun to play with?

  • A) The handle
  • B) The animals
  • C) The door
  • D) The tag on the bottom

Question 2: What is the appropriate amount of time to wait for a bottle?

  • A) One minute
  • B) As long as it takes to make a bottle
  • C) I let mom and dad finish what they are doing, then give them ample time to create the bottle masterpiece
  • D) Wait? There is no appropriate wait time. My hunger should be anticipated and the bottle ready at the exact moment I’m hungry

Question 3: What is more exciting?

  • A) Momma

  • B) Dada

  • C) A big Vikings victory

(pic unavailable)

  • D) Quinton

Question 4: When I get something new I…

  • A) Say thank you
  • B) Compare it to what I have already
  • C) Try to figure out its intended use
  • D) Wonder what it tastes like

Question 5: When I get tired and get put to bed, I…

  • A) Try to get comfortable
  • B) Try to fall asleep
  • C) Thank mom and dad for letting me sleep
  • D) Scream bloody murder, letting mom and dad know this is the worst crime ever committed on humanity

Question 6 : Watch this video and then select an answer

  • A) That was a ceiling fan
  • B) That was boring
  • C) What the heck was that?
  • D) If you’re reading this, you are not a baby. A baby would keep watching that video forever.

The answer to each question is D.


One thought on “The Baby Test

  1. My cat is apparently a baby…although she can jump higher…

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