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Eva goes to a concert


Steph plays in a local community orchestra, the Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra. This summer they had a pops concert at a park down in Centerville, so we decided to make this Eva’s first concert. We drove in separate cars just in case Eva and I had to leave early. With the concert being outside, there is a little bit more leeway, since her noises will not bounce around. We arrived at the park, and set up our blanket. Steph went to practice, and we went to pick up dinner. Eva was not too happy to be back in the car so quickly, but dealt with it. We stopped at Jimmy John’s and got a couple of sandwiches, and went back to the car. Now Eva’s really not happy. Again with the car seat?! We get back to the park at Steph comes back to eat with us. Eva must think that every time we eat outside, we eat Jimmy’s, as this is the same food we had the last time we ate outside. We eat our subs, and Eva eats her squash. Yellow squash, that is. She’s eaten a number of new foods lately, but only one has not gone over well. Sweet potatoes. I don’t know why she hates the sweet potatoes, but Eva MUCH prefers the yellow squash. Eva : Yellow squash is way better than sweet potatoes. Me : Why? Eva : Because sweet potatoes are orange! After we eat, Steph heads back down the shell to get ready for the concert. Here’s a little known fact. Did you know that when you go to an outdoor concert, you have to deal with the sun? You did? Was I the only one who forgot this? To protect Eva from the sun, she wore a hat and was shaded by her nearby stroller. Just another fine feature of our stroller that you won’t find on the box. We laid out a variety of toys for her to play with. She immediately jumped at the one that would be the funnest, the arm straps of the diaper bag. Your light up, rattling, squishy toys have nothing on those straps. The concert starts and Eva continues to play with the strap. I start to regret not picking a spot in the shade, but luckily God decides to help me out and provide some cloud cover. Eva does really well, she stays happy and even sits in daddy’s lap a little. After a bit though, she tires. It’s near or past bedtime, and she’s feeling it. I put her in her stroller, and let her veg out with some toys.

Intermission comes and Steph comes up to say hi. After she leaves, I hold Eva and rock her to sleep. We don’t get to do that often anymore, as she is learning to sleep on her own. It’s a nice bonding moment for us. It’s crazy to think that just six months ago I was constantly trying to rock her, to soothe her to sleep, wondering if she ever would and today I’m cherishing the moment where rocking in daddy’s arms is her only way to sleep in that moment. She falls asleep, and I’ve reconfigured the stroller into a makeshift bed where she can sleep. She’s out cold. Then the second half starts. She is initially woken by the music, but falls back asleep. She sleep through the rest of the song until the end, where everyone claps. I don’t know what it is about a group of people clapping, but it always startles her. She sleeps restlessly through the second song, and by the time the third starts, she’s ready to be up and active again. I guess a cat nap will do for now. Being a pops concerts, they play popular music (thanks, are you going to tell us next that vending machines vend?) Anyway, they played some John Williams, specifically the theme to Indiana Jones. Guess who loves the theme to Indiana Jones? Eva! She is standing in my lap now, and she is bouncing in my lap to the music. Steph, sitting a million miles away in the orchestra can see Eva in my lap bouncing, noting that she is bouncing in perfect beat to the music. We enjoy the rest of the concert, and then pack up our things and take off. I’m not sure, but she may have been asleep by the time I reached the end of the park. An exhilarating night of music, straps and subs was over, and she was out of energy. No doubt she was dreaming of a fedora and being chased by a giant boulder.


2 thoughts on “Eva goes to a concert

  1. LOVE IT! Little Man bounced to music in time, as well. Now that he’s able to walk (run, climb, jump, etc.), he will dance around. It’s really fun. There’s a scene in an episode of Shaun the Sheep where Shaun and one of the other sheep are up on top of a washing machine doing a Jig (Shaun is, after all, a Scottish sheep) and Little Man will immediately get up and start dancing (or start kicking his legs about if he happens to be laying around).

  2. Ooo! So much better with the photos! I read most of these without images in my email, since I have to get my VPN working to read them here. YEAH!!!! Music lover!

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