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A Day in the Life


So, a few months ago I had an idea for a post.  A day in the life of Eva.  What time does she get up?  How many bottles does she eat?  How many diaper changes and naps?  What does a baby do all day?  I told Steph and she said, “OK honey.”

After thinking some more, I thought it would be better if we took pictures all day and posted all of them.  She said, “OK honey.”

After taking all the pictures, I thought it would be even better if we made it into a video.  A page of pictures would be gigantic.  She said, “OK honey.”

Each one of those “OK honey” statements really meant, “OK, that sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think you realize how much work that’s going to be”.    I sometimes bite off more than I expect.

First you have to download the pictures, put them in order,  select appropriate music, sync it, etc, etc.  I had never done anything of the sort before, but Steph had.  So this grand project I started required her efforts in the end.

Well, it has taken us long enough, but it is finally here…a day in the life with Eva! These pictures were taken at the beginning of June.   It’s quite amazing how much her routine has changed in just a couple of months.  Make sure you have your sound on, then sit back, relax, and enjoy!

A Day in the Life


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I tried the link and it said it is blocked in this country due to copywright something..

  2. I love Eva’s wake up music. How great would it be to wake up to that every day?

  3. Lovely!!!! Although the music from the “Up” life montage section is so sad for me by the end! Moving, but oh, man! So sad.
    Wonderfully fun to see the day though. Just wait until Eva is moving around as much as Quinton!!!! : )

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