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Teething Sucks

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Here’s my thoughts on teething:

It sucks.

Eva is going through teething right now. It has caused her much consternation over these past few days, making her cranky during the day, with sleep and eating being far more difficult. Getting her ready for bed has moved from one of the more pleasant parts of the day to 10-15 minutes of “why are you torturing me?!”

I don’t remember teething myself, but I imagine it is a dull, constant pain. For me, that would be annoying, but not detrimental. For Eva, it’s quite possibly the worst pain she’s experienced (except maybe her shots). In her short life, anything that occurs for a stretch of time might feel permanent. Does she worry that the pain will never end?

One of the hard parts for us as parents is determining when it’s teething or something else (tired, hungry). Often times it’s a couple of things. When she’s rested, the pain isn’t so bad, but when she tires, the crankiness escalates quickly. The other hard part is the inconsistency. In pain one day, no pain the next.

Baby Tylenol has worked (mostly), and dissolvable teething tablets have been so so. We’ve tried not letting her rely too much on the pacifier, but when the choice is pulling out all your hair or giving her the pacifier, guess what wins?! So far, yelling at the tooth to just come in has failed.

Of course, the best remedy for her was already there. Everyone knows that a mother’s warmth soothes an aching child.


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