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This is a (Wo)man’s world

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Dad : Eva, time to get excited for the Olympics! USA! USA! USA!

Eva : You’re welcome

D : Thanks! Wait, for what?

E : We girls are going to carry Team USA this year.

D : Really? That can’t be right. The Olympics are typically dominated by the men. This is man’s world.

E : Pbbt. What year do you think it is? How old are you?

D : Old. Kids of my friends from high school are now showing up in my “You might know” part of Facebook. What about the men’s basketball team. LeBron, Kobe, Durant. They’re pretty good.

E : What did they beat teams by last time around? 27.9 points? The women’s team won by 37.6 points and are better this year.

D : OK, what about Michael Phelps? Competing in 7 events this year.

E : Phelps? Come on, he’s 27 years old. Missy Franklin is swimming in 7 events as well, and she’s only 17 year old! I hear Andy Roddick might medal this year.

D : Really?! He’s a guy. That’s cool.

E : Yeah, they added mixed doubles this year, so after Serena Williams wins gold in women’s singles and doubles tennis, maybe she’ll carry Andy in the mixed. How about your soccer team.

D : Uhhhh

E : Oh yeah, the men didn’t qualify. Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach are going for gold.

D : Alright, the men’s gymnastics team is strong this year, with a couple of all-around medal contenders, Danell Leyva and John Orozco.

E : Just like the women’s team with Jordyn Wieber and Gabby Douglas.

D : Yes

E : Admit it, it’s a Women’s Olympics. This is the first year that the US has sent more women than men and this is the first year every competing country has a woman on the team. But hey, you do have that gymnastics team.


One thought on “This is a (Wo)man’s world

  1. I think I agree with Eva, haha.

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