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We’re entering into the sippy cup stage. With her daily intake of formula consistent now, I only need to wash bottles every other day. Yet, we only have one sippy cup at home. Off to our favorite love/hate store, Babies R Us.

We arrive after church one Sunday, and head to the sippy cups*. As with everything else, why have a few choices when you can have a million. Actually, it wasn’t too bad, once we decide to use the same brand we’ve been using (BornFree), we only have a few choices left. There are on sale (score) and we place three out for Eva to choose from.

* In my research for this post, I’ve discovered they are actually called Training Cups.

The choices are blue, pink and orange (“Not orange!” says Eva), but really the choice is Mickey, Minnie or Lion King. They’ve been branded with Disney characters that she does not know, nor will know by the time she is done with this cup. I assume that 25 cents of the cost is going straight to Disney.

I’d be more outraged, but cuteness ensued.

We let Eva choose her cup. First, she knocked over pink, and grabbed orange. What?! Is the feud over? Nope, she dropped orange to the ground (take that orange!) So we set up blue and pink, and she went back to pink again, and didn’t knock it over this time, but instead grabbed it and held on. Pink was her choice, even though she knocked it away to spite orange.

So, we walked to the register, Eva in one arm, with the other arm below the cup to catch it when she lets go. Only, she didn’t let go. Not on the walk out of the cup section, not the walk to the registers, not the waiting in line, not at the register, not until we placed her in her car seat and mom took it. It was super cute, and it reminded me of this awesome commercial.

Alright Disney, you can have my money. That was pretty fun.


One thought on “Branded

  1. Hate to say it, but you’re going to need more than two sippy cups…maybe not right away but the time will come when you need like seven or twelve. Unfortunately, I have to have ones that have some sort of measurement and the only ones we’ve found that have that are ones by Dr. Brown (which are fine, albeit a little too expensive for my tastes). It’s not a big deal when he’s drinking juice out of said sippy cups but we have to keep track of his milk intake. ::sigh::

    If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

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