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I didn’t know that!


This post is an homage to a joke told by comic Jeff Foxworthy (Finally! What kind of adoption blog doesn’t reference the comedy of Jeff Foxworthy.) The joke goes as such :

You learn a lot from your kids. Like, just a few days ago I learnt that you can get three boxes of raisons into the cassette player of a jeep. I didn’t know that!

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the past 6 months.

Eva loves Sinatra – At least, its calming to her. SiriusXM has a Siriusly Sinatra channel (not misspelled), and when we put it on in the car, she usually calms down and goes to sleep.

Eva has a mortal enemy – A little young, but it’s true. The enemy’s name is …. orange. No one knows how the feud started, but it remains today. Check out Eva’ Garden :

No orange. Our daycare teacher told us that when Eva was selecting flowers for the garden, she would always pass over orange. Check out her cups :

One cup has been expelled from the rest. That is orange.

(Eva says “You can’t even rhyme orange. Stupid color.”)

6:15 is the new sleeping in : Remember when sleeping in meant you missed breakfast at McDonalds? Or when sleeping in meant you missed the morning news? Or when sleeping in meant after the sun came up? I don’t.

Toes are awesome – Why is it that babies, when discovering that they can reach their toes or eat their toes, that is all they want to do?

When naming your child, it must rhyme with diva – That’s right, even her daycare teachers noticed her overly dramatic, diva-ish tendencies…within the first week.

E is so hard to pronounce – “E”va, not “A”va. It appears to be a generational thing, if you knew Eva Gabor, you say Ava. But that Eva has that little thing over the letter. Not an umlaut, but an accent aigu.

The worst things in the world – The three worst things in the world are : The Vacuum, the car seat, and waiting a few moments while daddy is making the bottle.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t know that!

  1. Oh the tears! And eating the toes! Little Man *still* eats his toes and he’s a year and a half now 🙂

  2. Scott, you crack me up!! I love reading your blog to get updates on your adventures in parenting. Eva looks like a doll!! =)

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