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An adoptive family's journey in faith and life

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Thank you for finding your way over to the new blog, God’s Child, Our Joy. We had a vote on what to call the new blog and this was the victor. Before I get into this post too much, let’s look at the FAQs:

Is this why you haven’t posted anything in over a week?

Yep. I’ll refund you for last week, and extend your subscription to this for another week at no extra charge! Also, I’ll throw in a week’s worth of posts on top.

Wait a minute, this title didn’t win the poll! Are you trying to pull one over on us?

Not at all! I intended to use the vote to help narrow down the list. The results were as such:

All Will Be Well (1st)
God’s Child, Our Joy (2nd)
Life Itself (3rd)
Family++ (4th)

Why didn’t you choose what I voted for? I thought we were friends?

I really wanted to, but other circumstances prevented me from doing so. Actually, I thought we choose the one you picked, and since you are my favorite reader, I wanted to make you happy.

How did you end up here?

Once I had the top four, I did some more research on them. Two of them were unavailable (All Will Be Well, Life Itself), although a workaround could have been used (allwillbewellblog, for example). I dropped Family++ (a fun title that would be lost on some and since I talk zero about programming…). I found a large number of blogs called Life Itself, plus the whole Ebert thing dropped it from consideration.

Down to AWBW and GCOJ, I read a number of blogs/post that used AWBW. Nearly all of them referenced someone’s recovery from illness, usually cancer. I couldn’t get that out of my head, so that left just one.

Does this change the content of the blog?

Nope. I plan on writing the same content as before. Not just adoption related news, but stuff about family, friends, neighbors, salads, sports, and how much the Vikings disappoint me.

Salads, sports and the Vikings? Are you sure we can’t change the content?

Come on, I know you’re excited to hear how Christian Ponder is going to play this year!


Wait, come back! How about pictures of Eva!

OK, we’ll give this a try


In all seriousness, I did put some thought into this. The title really frames someone’s perception of what to expect from the content. Despite being a blah title, our previous title let you know that our blog was an adoption blog for our family. As a member of that family, I had the full confidence of knowing the subject extremely well.

Tossing God into the title, I feared that I was making a mistake. I’m not a subject master on God, I’m not a preacher, I’m not an evangelist, I’m no saint. I’m just me. I’m just an adoptive parent with a blog. What right do I have to do that?

I find myself falling into this trap that so many people do. They see the word God, faith, or a plethora of other ones and feel that the person who’s writing it is either trying to convert you, or guilt you for your misdeeds. I’m trying neither. The story of my family and our journey through adoption is a story with us, Eva, Quinton, our friends, family, you, birthparents, and God.

Anyway, I’m probably making too big of a deal about a title change for a blog where our friends would have read it had we named it Vanilla. I’m always extremely grateful that you and others read this. I almost always write these so I don’t forget the moments, but it always feels more worthwhile when others enjoy them as well. Thank you for your support.

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