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We received a bouncer for Eva as a gift. Once assembled, I took it downstairs. We’d bring it up when she was old enough to use it. As I walked down the stairs awkwardly, I pictured tumbling down the stairs being impaled by this crazy thing, and what my tombstone would say.

“Here lies Scott, killed by a bouncer”

“No, a bouncer for a baby”

“No, a baby bouncer”




OK, a Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2 in 1 Stationary Jumper & Entertainer



2 thoughts on “Bouncer

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s the exact same bouncer Little Man had (well, we still have it but he doesn’t go in there anymore). We started putting him in around 4 months and I would do the actual bouncing…..and then he figured out how to when he was around 7 months and boy did he like that thing!

    Totally worth the pain in the butt it was to put it together.

  2. From the photo the bouncer you have looks scarier than any of the other ones. In the photo it appears there might be no where to put the baby, what with all those bells and whistles. I hope she loves it when she can handle it! If not, just let Quinton have it. : )

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