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Watching the Game

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I’ve been a dad for 3+ months so far. In those three months I have watch exactly zero games from start to finish. Perhaps Mondays NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game will be different. I’m stealing this idea from Bill Simmons, so here’s a retro diary from that night.

6:00 – Eva is fading fast. We put her to bed and she is out. This is a couple of hours early. Maybe she’s letting dad watch the game tonight?

7:00 – Check the DVR. 9:00 for the game? Don’t they know I’m a sleep deprived dad? Why start so late? Ugh.

9:00 – Game time. I flip on CBS and … pre-game. Crap. When does this actually start? 9:30?!

9:40 – Tip off. Game on. Entertain me.

10:00 – Did someone forget to tell Kansas to come and play?

10:10 – Oops, I still need to wash bottles. Perhaps by the time I get back Kansas will be back in it.

10:30 – Back, and it’s half-time. Kentucky is smashing Kansas.

10:45 – Second half is started. Now I’m set, I can watch this through.

11:00 – Wah! Wah! I want my bottle now!

11:30 – Alright, Eva’s fed and rocked back to sleep. I’m back and there is….20 seconds left in the game?! Really?!

11:40 – Game over. Kentucky wins. Daddy gets to watch 45 minutes of the game, and the last 20 seconds, which in basketball time translates to 15 minutes.


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