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New Parent Questions

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As we’ve learned, parenting has no manual. You try to follow the advice you’ve read, but there are so many other things that come up that need answers. Below is my list of questions that I’ve had come up that need answers.

What do babies dream of? Eva sometimes smiles when she dreams. She has no life experience yet, so she’s not dreaming of winning the lottery. Is what she dreams of just pure emotion? That sounds better than my dream last night where I was heading to a location and never got there.

On the same note, when we think we think in words. What do babies use when they think?  Pictures?  Emotions?

When did everyone get sick? The day after Christmas we thought about making a Target run with Eva. I went out earlier, and while waiting at the register the two people in front of me were coughing or sneezing. No Target for Eva.

When did everyone start driving crazy? Don’t they know there is a baby in back?

When does new baby smell go away? How can a smell be cute?

Why does the pee line on the diaper turn from yellow to blue? I’ve never heard the phrase “Don’t eat the blue snow”.

Speaking of diapers, why isn’t the picture of Pooh in the back instead of the front? (Answered, when she fills it, it goes from back to front)

When did babies become divas? I mean really, how many bags does she need when travelling?

My arms, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips will adjust to carrying her around all the time, right?

Is there anything better than when she’s crying, you pick her up, she looks at you, and stops?

Is there anything worse than when she’s fine, you pick her up, looks at you and starts screaming?

Was I a terrible person before when I was indifferent to the death of Dan Wheldon, but now that I have a daughter and when I see that he’s left two daughters behind I’m devastated?

Why can’t she have a bubble over her head (ala Sims) that indicates she’s breathing? It’s getting old spending five minutes staring at her chest to see if it goes up and down.

How quickly does it take to either forget the things you read or change your mind on things you decided before bringing her home? I know that the first few weeks/months are so important in bonding, but man some days it doesn’t seem likely. I ranted on the lack efficient mirrors for the car, now I wonder what she’ll look at when strapped in the car seat. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of sign language, but now find myself asking her “What do you want!?”

Is there a way to determine if there is a tear in the space time continuum in the nursery? Sleeping for 2 hours seems like 2 minutes in there, but when I tell myself that I’ll rock her for five minutes, I’ll look after what was definitely five minutes only to see it hasn’t even been a minute yet.


One thought on “New Parent Questions

  1. Anya first got sick at 6 months. She had a fever for 2 days. Her first and only fever so far.

    When we drove home for Christmas, I swear 3/4s of the car was for her. We barely fit everything in to drive back!

    OMG, the Sims bubble. Please someone invent that. Sometimes I just poke her to get her to move. 🙂

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