God's Child, Our Joy

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When To Tell


Throughout this process we have striven to do things just the same as we would if we were going about this the natural way. We’ve prepared our nursery, kept our friends informed throughout the process, and freaked out the appropriate amount of times (what are we doing?!). I’ve spent some time thinking about how we let everyone know when our girl is born and when everything is official. Friends who have had children in the past has mass texted, e-mailed, called, or facebook’d their joyous news to everyone. Usually this news comes to us the day of, or the next day.* Unfortunately, you’re probably not going to get that from us.

* With the new Facebook deciding what news was worthy of top news, it decided our friend’s announcement was not worthy of top news. It was only a few days later when they came home that Facebook decided her post was worthy. Well, there were a lot of sheep that needed feeding in Farmville that week….

Despite our birthmother non-wavering, we always have to keep in mind the chance she’ll change her mind. With the chance of devastation, we have two choices, and I think we each took one of the options. Option One is to not let yourself get too emotionally drawn in, remembering that she may not be coming home with us. Option Two is to fall head over heels, but risk falling into a dark place afterwards. Some adoptive parents who’ve had failed adoptions liken the situation to losing a child in childbirth.

So, we’ve decided that we won’t officially announce here until after the papers have been signed. Some of you may be on the short list to know before that, but it’s probably because we need something from you (dog sitter, prayer, substitute). Please continue to keep us and our birthparents in your prayers.

Before I go, a quick update. Birthmother informed us Sunday that she was feeling “fabulous”. Our girl has decided to not to kick as many organs now, and is now exploring the southern regions. She’s always been a traveler.


3 thoughts on “When To Tell

  1. I won’t be the least bit offended if I don’t find out via Facebook or here for a few days. As long as we’re showered with pictures, it’s all good 🙂

  2. Good luck! I hope it all goes great.

  3. That feature of FB is horrible! It explains many things I’ve missed with my currently infrequent visits!

    No offense on the waiting! (although at this point, any period of days without a post may rouse my suspicions… : )

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