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Shopping For Baby


So the logic goes like this. Black Friday shoppers are crazy. Parents of babies are crazy. Shopping at Babies ‘R Us on Black Friday is DOUBLE CRAZY! Who would be that crazy? This guy.

Our high chair was in the ‘R Us ad for 50% off, so we made our plans to get there early. Instead of bragging about the sweet deal on a TV or Blu Ray player, this year we’re rocking the high chair and diaper pail filters (Three pack, score!) We’ll get there at 5 to make sure we get it.

After leaving home a half-hour later than expected (yeah, our bodies are not yet trained for getting up in the middle of the night, guess we’ll have a crash course in that soon), we get there a half hour after open. There is a line. How can there still be a line? Wait, where are all the cars?

Office Depot is next door, and the line for that stretches to ‘R Us. Pfew. We go inside, and the line at the registers is no more that 2 or 3 people. Our filters are there, the high chair is there (and in our color!) Bing, bang, done. That was easier than expected.

Sunday rolls around, and Steph has had it. No, it wasn’t the fourth straight day of non-stop football (although that could have been a factor), but she needed to regain some control. In adoption, there are many things you give up control on. Some are the same as natural birth, when the shower is, when the baby decides is the right time to come. Some are different, such as babies current diet, birthmom’s doctor visits, and the big decision at the end.

One thing we can control is how prepared we are. Granted, if preparedness was on a scale of 1-10, you can really only get yourself to a 5 until you actually experience it. You can’t prepare for all the accidents, spit-ups, etc., but you can make sure you have burp cloths and diapers. So Sunday we got prepared. With the help of Cyber Week on Toys ‘R Us and Target, we did pretty well. We have diapers!

So Target has a deal that you buy three boxes, you get a $10 gift card. Three boxes? That’s got to last a long time right? Like three months?

Then Steph says, “You know that each box is about a week’s worth.”

“What! There’s like 70 in here! I don’t go that often.”

“You’re not a baby.”

I went to work on Monday talking about our big score with the high chair. My boss came out of his office, rubbed his eyes, making sure they weren’t deceiving him. I was talking patterns and diapers before talking up my fantasy football victory.

Less than three weeks to go! (Although our birthmother is predicting sometime between the 10th and the 25th).


2 thoughts on “Shopping For Baby

  1. It gets better with the diapers, I promise. And a box lasts a week if you’re anal and change the kid every two or three hours. I change Little Man when he starts to complain or when I notice his diaper getting squishy. He doesn’t mind being wet but he’s not a fan of poop…or maybe that’s because I put a lot of powder on his little bum.

  2. I agree, diapers get better! In the beginning (like 3 months), we were changing diapers about 10 times a day, no kidding.

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