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Letter to the Vikings

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Dear Minnesota Vikings,

I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember, and it has been an up and down relationship. I became a Vikings fan because my Dad was a Vikings fan. He followed you for years, enduring four Super Bowl losses, and two Packer Super Bowls before I came around. Since I’ve been around, you’ve had four NFC Champsionship game losses (SF, Atl, NyG and NO), and we’ve suffered through two more Packer Super Bowl victories.

Things haven’t been all bad, the 1998 team is widely regarded as the best team ever…to not make the Super Bowl. Adrian Peterson may be the best running back of all time … not to make the Super Bowl.

Anyway, the reason I write to you today is because I’m going to be a father in a month, and I do not want to her to suffer as my dad and I have. I ran across this video of a Viking fan who has broken down in tears because of your most recent ineptitude against the Packers.

I do not want this to be my girl in 5 years. I don’t want her to expect you to lose. Please help me so that I don’t feel that passing on my fandom to my daughter is like passing her a chroncic disease that makes her miserable 16 weeks a year.

Thank you,


My wife’s letter to the Vikings:

Dear Minnesota Vikings,

Stop sucking!



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