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100 and counting!

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This is our 100th post! To mark the occasion, I decided to create a word cloud. Using this blog, the word cloud counts how often you use certain words, and puts them together with the most frequently used words largest. (Thanks to Tagxedo for the cloud.)

Not surprising, adoptive and parents are the two biggest. This blog is about our adoption process and becoming parents. I also find it kind of awesome to see random words like cutawesome, Mariska, and paperwork.

What surprised me were the words that I thought would be bigger. Friends, family, father, Fraggle Rock (ok, maybe not, but I had three F’s in a row). Something for me to ponder.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following us! We’re only one month away!


One thought on “100 and counting!

  1. “Father” is so tiny. 😦

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