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The Tags Are Off

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We did something this weekend. We’re either opening ourselves up to a whole heap of trouble, or embracing the happiness of the moment. What did we do? We clipped the tags.

Last week, with the knowledge that we may have a baby girl in less than 3 months, we purchased our first gender colored clothing item. A super cute pink outfit to bring her home in. We decided not to cut the tags, just in case.

One week later, we’re all in.

Are you surprised? I’m not surprised. I really should have put an over/under on how many days before we clipped them. Of course, it takes a bit more to surprise me these days. Here’s a picture of a parking job at a Five Guys restaurant this past summer.

I saw this, shrugged, went into Chipotle, waited in line for 10 minutes, ordered, paid, filled my drink and went back to the car. This car was still there. I took a picture because that surprised me. Not that somebody parked terribly, but that it was still there after 10-15 minutes and no one had creamed it or honked incessantly at it (they love their horns here in Dayton).

So, the fact that we love the outfit, want to hang it in the nursery closet, want to believe that this is going to work is no surprise. To think that we’d make it to the end without clipping them, that was a surprise.


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