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Adoptive Parenting Class

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A public service announcement for the Miami Valley (Dayton area, for those of you not from Ohio). The Kettering Medical Center is starting up another Adoptive Parenting Class in October, running Oct. 11 – Nov. 15th. It’s one night a week for 6 weeks, and is definitely worth the time if you or someone you know is thinking about adoption.

As someone who has been through the class, I know how great it is, and would definitely recommend it to any and everyone. It puts a face on adoption and gave me a good mental picture of what to expect. There is also safety in numbers, by that I mean it is nice to know that there are others in the same place as you.

The best praise I have is that we wouldn’t be where we are today without this class. I would have probably dithered away the next couple of years waiting for things to magically change.

To be fair though, it wasn’t just the class, but the location of the class. It was a half hour drive from our house and each night after class we would talk about the process, our comfort levels, what we were feeling, etc., and it was those conversations that were triggered by class that got us to here.

So, if anyone out there knows someone in the Dayton area, feel free to contact Sally Wold (sally.wold@khnetwork.org), the wonderful instructor, or get in touch with us.


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