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Prepping For The Meet

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With our meeting set for Sunday, Saturday becomes our preperation day. Every detail is combed over with a fine tooth comb. What will we wear? You can’t be too casual, we’re taking this serious. You can’t be too done up, we’re not about showing up anyone.

Once we figure it out, things start falling into place. Clean the car, pick out a nice card, get a gift for their girl, find a photo album to put a couple pictures of our family, etc.

Now the most important thing to do on Saturday, keep distracted! Otherwise, you’ll either go mad, or time will start to go backwards. So we decide to join some friends for a fun day at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

It was great! I got to throw an axe (darn right I earned my man card back), and threw tomatos at some guy. We saw the mud show (better than it sounds) and a joust. All in a fun day.


We forgot about that silly little orb that rotates around us (wait, was Gallileo pre or post Renaissance), the Sun.

It’s September, who gets burnt in September? We do. Plus, it seems the Renaissance was pre hepa filters, so not only will we be glowing (in a Rudolph sort of way) tommorrow, we’ll be weezing like Darth Vader with his helmet off (Star Wars on Blu-Ray is a good gift for a baby, right?)

Now we’re home and we can’t find a recent picture of the two of us. Why don’t we have a third party with us to take more pictures of us! Ugh, and now I’m watching the stupid Hawkeyes, and they’re losing 24-7. What else can go wrong!

Note:  Written Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011.


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