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A Little Update on our Zucchini


Just a quick update. Gweneth (not her real name) went in for a routine appointment today, so we got an update on our little girl. She’s about 10 inches long, 3 pounds, and as big as a large zucchini! This is much better than the ultrasounds we saw when she was a peanut.

The only thing is that she’s in breech, so either that means she failed to honor her recording contract, or she’s still feet first. I guess this isn’t abnormal, but what do I know.  She has invited Steph to the ultrasound next week, so we’ll let you know more then!


2 thoughts on “A Little Update on our Zucchini

  1. That is so amazing you get to go to the ultrasound!!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Being breech isn’t the end of the world. There’s still plenty of time to turn around…and if she doesn’t want to, the doctors can try to *ahem* make her.

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