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A Haircut to Adopt (The Call Part 1)

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A haircut?

A haircut?

That’s what was needed?

On September 13th, we received the call…after my haircut.

As you may have read earlier, I was guessing at the things that may need to be completed before we received the call. Steph finished her candidacy exam with the professors, I finally finished the baby brain book, but still we waited.

This Tuesday was ordinary. Steph had choir before school, work, faculty meeting after school, and grad class, all while thinking about what’s for dinner, what needs to be ready for the day tomorrow, what we still need in order to be ready for a baby, etc. I kind of worked while I spent some time writing funny comments about other fantasy teams in my work fantasy football league. I had two blog posts in mind to write, one on that brain book, one about how hard it is to find adoption blogs that aren’t dated.

So, at some point I decided to leave work early. Like 15 minutes early, which I rarely do. The afternoon had been dragging on extra long, so I decided since I was getting my haircut, why not take off early for that.

I got in right away and got home a short while later. I take the dog out potty and decide to go upstairs to check my email. I ask Quinton if he wants to come up, and he gets super excited and runs around like a mad dog. So we run around a couple of minutes before I catch him to bring him upstairs. I start the computer and change out of my work clothes and head back to check my email.

So here I am, sitting at the computer….by a phone, pen and paper at exactly 5 ish .  If I don’t take off early, get in right away to get my haircut, have the dog go run crazy, I’m not in the perfect spot for what happens next.

The phone rings.

I barely react, expecting it to be another telemarketer. Nope, it’s a cell phone, 937 area code. Probably a parent trying to reach Mrs. Klein.


“Hi Scott, this is [your agent] from [your adoption agency]”

Brain lock. Wait, we just passed a milestone (2 months), perhaps this is the “How are you doing” call.  Hey, we exist!

“I have a birth mother who would like to meet your family.”

To be continued…..

Note : This post was written on September 13th to be put up at a more appropriate future date.


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