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False Alarm #2

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It is just after 2pm, 2 months have now eclipsed since our approval. The phone rings. I look over to see the caller id. Last time I ignored it, when it would have been obvious that the call was 402 (Omaha), therefore non-adoption related. Not this time, a 937 number (Ohio).

I spent a lot of time entering numbers into my phone of friends and co-workers in the area, changing their ringtones to vibrate, so I could immediately filter them out. This 937 number was not accidently calling me, it was intentional.

There’s also a certain symmetry to the timing as well, 2 o’clock, second month, second day back from break, waiting for the call any second. Sure, I’m hunched over in my chair at work, eating cheetoes, and it is a misty, rainy, ugly day out today, but that’s ok, I’ve got the call.

Except, that it’s not the call….again. A call from my boss, from his OTHER work number. (Address book, edit, add number, save) Calling to invite me to a rainy ballgame.

Looks like tonight I need to add more names to the address book to lessen the chances of this happening again. Why? It’s like being at the doctor’s office waiting for the results of your biopsy. Only, the doctor walks in, and asks if you’ve watched last night’s Community. Or, walks in and says, “Hey, you’re not Pierre!” You think that may be the moment your life changes for the better, instead it’s slightly less exciting than it was a minute ago, your heart has only just begun pumping again, and you’re forced to recognize that today is no different than every other day the last couple of months.

So goes the wait.


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