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To Do List

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There must be two checklists for adoption. There’s the one we’ve written about before, I’ll call this the Concrete list, things that every adoptive family must complete. Fire inspection, background checks, training, and more. We’ve completed all those steps.

We still wait though. Therefore, there must a second, secret checklist that we must complete. In this post, I’ll attempt to guess at what items are on that secret checklist.

Finish reading baby books – I have three books unfinished, a baby brain book (still?!), a sleeping book and What To Expect 1st year, although that last one is way too daunting to sit and read through.

Finish grad school – Steph has her oral exam this Friday, and is nearly home free. One last class through fall semester and graduation in December! (Although she’d like to point out, she’s definitely prepared to juggle baby and class right now.)

Blog posts about adoption – Once we bring home our child, the posts will change from waiting to having. Maybe God wants us to get as much info out before that moment?

Vacation Hours – I can take off as much unpaid time as I am allowed under the law, but unpaid is uncool, especially with an extra mouth to feed. Maybe I need to build the vacation hours up to a certain threshold?

Eating healthier – Proving again that you are never too old to change, I’ve started eating a bit healthier. A bit, nothing too drastic, but I’ve started incorporating more fruits and veggies into the diet. I’ve even started eating salad! Salad! Rabbit food! Sorry, it was dramatic for me. Perhaps the thought of starting parenthood later and wanting to be around for them as long as possible was the trigger. Regardless, maybe being healthier is on that secret list.

Developing patience – Sigh. The one I know is on the secret list. You will wait, you will learn how to deal, and then we’ll consider it.


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