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The Call

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The phone is ringing.

I am at work, it’s a beautiful day outside, and I am counting down the minutes until I can take off for Indianapolis to see DCI. The silence is broken.

I’ve selected the most appropriate ringtone on my phone, and set the agency, social worker, and any unknown numbers to it, while setting the rest of my contacts to vibrate only. If my phone makes a sound, it’ll be “Soft Beams of Sunlight”, sprinkling with good news.

I calmly reach over, glance at the caller id. Unknown. I answer in anticipation…


“Uh, is Samantha there”

“I think you have the wrong number”



I guess it’s good to know that my phone really does still work, as it hasn’t rung once since approval. To be fair, I did receive errant text message “My1&OnlyRJM” recently, but I doubt we’ll get the news from a text message. ( We got ur ~:o ) I really should expect a few false alarms. But still….



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