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Sleepless nights already!?

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It is currently 1am and I’m still wide awake.  I know this is only a small taste of what is to come.  However, there are just too many thoughts rattling around in my head right now.  Afterall, the fact that we found out about our approval today was a little bit of a surprise.  I merely emailed our social worker to check the status and she replies that we are approved and can send in our profile books.  What?  I believe my exact verbal response was, “Oh my God!”  Scott was a little confused, as I don’t normally take the Lord’s name in vain while reading my email.  After reading the email aloud Scott says, “Wow!  Are you ready to be a parent?”  I think the only thing I let out was a nervous laugh.  What is my problem?  Of course I want to be a parent, right?  Why else would I have gone through all of this?  There seem to be conflicting emotions streaming through my body.  One of them is saying, “Yay!!!!!!”  The other is saying, “What in the world are we doing?”  Yet another is saying, “Oh my goodness, we have so much to do!”  And then there’s the, “How long do you think we’ll have to wait?”  They keep piping up one right after the other.  After talking to a friend who is recently a new parent, I was assured that all these feelings are normal…during pregnancy.  Well, Scott did say I had a sort of glow this evening after finding out.  I guess this is my own kind of pregnancy glow.  Now I just wish I had nine months to digest it all…well, maybe not.


One thought on “Sleepless nights already!?

  1. Well, congratulations in your sleepless state!
    Let the preparations begin (so that you maybe don’t notice the waiting so much).

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