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What is in a name?

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Many have asked us how naming works. As you may know, we do not take custody of the child until 72 hours have passed. It is during this time that the birth certificate is created, and the birth mother has all the rights in naming the child. She may have discussed it with us before hand, or may put down any name she pleases, like say, Princess Beyonce.

At the six month point, when we go to court and the adoption is finalized, we can change the name to whatever we like, and they will reissue a birth certificate with that name, including our last name.

Many adoptive parents like to honor the birth mother by either letting her in to the name choosing process, taking the birth name and making it the middle name, or even making her name the child’s middle name. We haven’t figured out anything close to that yet, since we do not know what our situation will be.

We are starting to look at names though. Two things are quickly obvious. First, girls names are easier than boys, and second, having a teacher as a part of the process makes things so much more difficult. Steph has taught at three schools, and since she is a music teacher, she has taught EVERYONE in the school. So, the conversation usually goes like this. “How about Bauer?” “Nope, had one in my 4th grade class and he was a little too intense.” “How about Danica?” “Not a chance, I had a Danica in kindergarten that kept running laps around the room.”

Note : Names has been changed (obviously)

There are guidelines we’ve had. No name too popular. Sorry Aiden. No name misspelled. Bye bye Jefry. Try to stay away from current students. Those are the biggies. Another consideration is the initials. As a person with a last name that starts with K, you have to check those out (no Klayton Kyle Klein, or Cory Olsen Klein).

Last week I went through my favorite name book for boys, the college football preview magazine. I got shut down on the best name in there, Wave Ryder (who plays for Navy).

We did come out with two names last weekend. The girl name appears fine at this point.  The boy name we like was ******, but alas, a friend of ours already named their kid ******, so that would be weird to name ours that, right? Maybe? Well, its not set in stone yet, and really it can’t be until we get into the end of the process here. We will at least be semi-prepared, which seems to be the best you can be in this whole process.


One thought on “What is in a name?

  1. That’s funny…we had the opposite problem. We had so much trouble with our girl names and the boy name we came up with took about 10 minutes. Ah well. 🙂

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