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This blog has been great for me to express some of the more serious elements of the adoption process, about how they are going, how they are affecting us, etc. I value this outlet. If you know me though, I’m not always serious. So I hope you don’t mind the occasional light hearted conversation.

This topic may the be the most important part of our child’s development. Which teams will our child cheer for when growing up? Can we steer our child clear of the evil clutches of the Yankees, Cowboys, Heat and Jeff Gordon? Will my child stab me in the heart and cheer for the Packers?! (gasp!).

I’ve done them nothing but disservice. I moved our family to Ohio, where the teams are the Bungles or Cleveland. The Bengals will be nothing while the current owner owns them. I do feel for Cleveland, but how long have they been tortured?

Of course, I’d like the child to be a Twins/Vikings fan. But really, the Vikings are just as bad as Cleveland. I’ve managed to stay excited for my 30+ years, but at some point, I’ll break. Just think of the past 15 years. 3 NFC championship games that ended in horrible fashion. (Gary Anderson ’98, 41-0 ’00, 12 men in the huddle ’09). The Love Boat. The Moss mooning. The Moss return. Daunte’s implosion. The liteny of terrible qbs (Brooks Bollinger, Gus Frerotte, Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb). Favre season 2. The Metrodome collapse. A Chicago visit to the Super Bowl. A Green Bay win in the Super Bowl. The Wizzinator. Dimetrius Underwood. Troy Williamson. The Moss Ratio. Adrians “slave” comment. I have to be teetering on collapse, right?

We could support my wife’s team, the Colts. Of course, what happens when Peyton leaves?

I suppose that’s the response to all teams. Each season is a new season. Anything can happen. Even a Vikings Super Bowl! (every Cubs fan is shaking their head no now).

At least we have the Twins. They’ve won in my lifetime, and always are competitive (lets pretend this season isn’t happening).

However, if I’m not careful, those Reds may be problem. They’re actually good. They are close. They are on TV. Our child’s friends will like them. What am I going to do?


2 thoughts on “Fandom

  1. At least you know your child will be a fan of someone! You won’t have me, who had no idea where the Bengals were located until reading your post and missed most of the Twins/Vikings references (although even I know plenty about Favre!). I’m glad to keep up with the process this way! – I just noticed the comment option today!

  2. hi! i came by way of Krissy’s facebook post about your blog. i’m enjoying reading the posts, especially this one. i presume you’re Minnesotan from your team choices, or at least formerly a resident of MN. i’m in the same boat. grew up there, but moved away for college. my husband and i now live in FL, not my favorite place in the lower 48.

    anyways, when our little one was born, almost everyone in my family (who all still lives in MN; i’m the odd-ball) and even some old friends sent tons of Twins gear! onesies, bibs, shirts, etc! so when your little one joins the family, i’d bet the relatives dish out some home-team paraphenalia as well! everyone will have their own favorite and send you gear from that favorite. even within my family there’s a vike/pack rivalry: a few members go green and gold while most sport the viking helmets in the fall.

    good luck!

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