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2nd Time Around

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So I keep hearing Mom and Dad say this is their first adoption.  Hello!  Did they forget about me?  That’s right, I know I’m adopted.  I figured this out a long time ago.  No self-respecting dog could turn down a snausage, so they must not be dogs.  I know they know better.  Okay, I guess this is their first “human” adoption.  I get it, but seeing as how I’ve been through this once before, I think I know a few things.  Let me give you my advice.

1)  Remember that the first night will be tough for you and for us.  My first night at home I whined and whined.   I was in a new place and still didn’t know what would happen the next day.  They left me all alone most of the night.  It was much better when they were with me.

2)  There will be a point where you panic, asking yourself, “What the hell did I do?  I can’t raise this little being.  What was I thinking?” while you possibly cry and rock back and forth.  This is just a phase.  You can still be a wonderful parent.  Just know that you’ve made it through these stressful, panicked moments before, you can do it now.  There will be lots of gentle puppy kisses and a cuddly baby to help.

3) When we come to your home, we don’t speak human.  We can pick up your expressions and understand more than you think, but you’re going to have to learn what our fussiness means.  9 times out of 10 we are either hungry, want to be loved, or need to go potty.  That 1 time out of 10 will drive you and us nuts.

4) When you first get us, we don’t know and don’t care where we go potty.  On the carpet, in our pants, it matters not.  Just be patient with us.  We will learn, but don’t forget that there will be an accident, or twelve.

5)  Although we are not yours biologically, you still have nurturing affects on us.  For example, I take after my adoptive parents in many ways.  I get a little anxious, want to be number one, and have a bad back just like Mom.  I like to play ball, run around, and have lazy afternoons just like Dad.

Always know this.  Although I came to you through adoption and may not be yours biologically, I am yours in our hearts.

*Lick, Lick*


One thought on “2nd Time Around

  1. Quinton knows his stuff!

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