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Just a quick note on where we sit in the adoption process.  We are nearing the end of Phase 2.  (I consider Phase 1 the part where we make the decision to adopt and phase 2 the homestudy.)  Our last two classes are this Saturday, we are waiting just for a couple letters, and then our home study should be completed next week.  That can get derailed if the state has not processed our paperwork yet.  We are working on our profile book now.  All that’s left is a picture or two to fill the holes and the letter to the birth mom.  It’s not that difficult.  We just have to convince someone who has yet to meet us that we are the perfect couple to raise their child, in two pages.  No problem…ha!

Once that book is done, it’s off to Kinko’s for 30 copies, wire bound with a plastic cover.  We’ve been open with our plans, but sometimes it can be awkward with strangers.  At our last class, one couple who previously adopted inadvertently shared their story with the copier employees.  They arrived just after close to find the door locked.  The employees saw them, ran to the door and let them in saying, “Congratulations!  We looked through your book and we think you’ll be great parents!” Uh, thanks?  Nothing like a complete stranger with no stake in the process jumping in on some of the more personal details of the process.

There are a few more details to work out. A pediatrician, talking with our medical insurance company, talking to the attorney, but we’ll do those sometime soon.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.


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