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I remember our wedding day, it was July 5th, 2003. We had nine million things to do (ok, she had 8 million of them), which kept us constantly moving, doing things. These are blessings. When you’re completing things, your mind doesn’t wander and you don’t have time to worry. About 10 minutes before the ceremony started, I was out of things to do. Just time to sit and “relax”. I don’t know how to explain it, but that was the longest 10 minutes of my life. The moment was enveloping me. I guess the only other time I felt similar was when we visited the Grand Canyon. It’s too large and amazing to comprehend. I suppose those 10 minutes were like going to the Grand Canyon … and jumping in.

Well, I wonder if this adoption will be the same. Right now we are in the busy part, fixing up the house, baby proofing (kind of), creating a nursery, doing the home study, physical, background checks, etc. Stephanie just had her school musical on top of it all, so there is not a free moment. However, once we turn in that profile book, we’re in limbo. Will it be like that Grand Canyon moment? Or will that happen when we’re selected? Or at birth?

Well, I’m married today, so that means I landed when I jumped into the Grand Canyon. No matter how amazingly big that canyon is, and even if you can’t comprehend the size of it all, there’s always a place to land. At our wedding, it happened for me when it was time to take our grandparents down to their seats. For the adoption, I don’t know if it’ll be when a diaper needs changed, or when there is a child to hold and call our own, but it will happen.

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