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A Social Visit


Okay, so I’m going to take my shot at this blog thing, too. I shouldn’t leave Scott to have all the fun! We had our first home visit from our social worker today. I rushed out of work to come home and make sure our house was in order. Clean house? Check. Put all chemicals out of reach? Check. Drawer locks? Check. Fire evacuation and tornado shelter plan? Check. List of emergency phone numbers? Check. Crib? Check. Mattress? Uh-oh!

Luckily we had already researched and found an acceptable mattress at Target, so I rushed and picked one up on my way home. Have you ever tried to fit a mattress in a cart? Oh, and of course they don’t have an organic mattress pad. I rush around the house with the final touches and the time arrives.

Oh no, the dog is barking and she’s not even in the house yet. What a great first impression! Wait a minute? What is she going to do during this visit? Are we supposed to sit on the couch or at the table? Should I have offered her something to drink? Oh great, there were so many things going through my head that I just forgot to introduce myself. Now what does she think of me? We end up sitting at the table after all. I give her all of our paperwork, sans fire inspection which is scheduled for next week. (We’ll update you on that when the time comes.) She keeps commenting on how organized I am…is that good, is that bad? I don’t know!

Here is this person who is paid to judge me. What is she thinking? Am I saying the wrong things? Is there something that I’m saying that will be a deal breaker? She goes through our safety audit and just asks us the questions. What? You’re not going to painstakingly check every nook and cranny of my house? You’re not going to check that there are locks on the drawers? You’re not going to measure the gaps between the crib bars? What was all that work for?

She leaves and all I am left with is a sense of dread. What if we don’t get approved? We’re going to have this nursery and never have a baby to fill it. All I know for sure is that I’m over analyzing everything and everything will happen the way it’s meant to happen. Sure, we have more hoops to jump through now, including contacting people in Nebraska that I haven’t seen or spoken to in at least 3 years. We just have to keep the faith that what is meant to be, will be, and hopefully we will end up with the baby that is meant for us….and we will have a piece of paper saying we deserve it….we’ll be approved parents!


2 thoughts on “A Social Visit

  1. BREATHE!!!! 🙂

    Hey you guys! Sounds like you are in the thick of it. I know you two will be great parents and that is exactly what I will tell anybody who asks. This is fun hearing about it all. How about some pictures? I like blogs with pictures. I want to see what a baby proof room looks like — HAHA… Ah, kids… they’ll learn eventually.

    Enjoy the adventure. 🙂


  2. Sounds like you are ready to go! 🙂

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