God's Child, Our Joy

An adoptive family's journey in faith and life


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So…unlike a traditional pregnancy, adoption comes with no timetable. Sure, pregnancies can end prematurely, or keep going past due dates, but generally, you have a good idea when you need your nursery stocked. This could be the case with us. We could be matched with a birth mother and have a few months before her due date to get things in line. This is probably pretty likely, but there is that chance we get the call that a baby is already at the hospital. On that off chance, you have to be somewhat ready.
So what are the essentials? Clothing and diapers. What else? A car seat. The rest you can probably get post adoption. This does mean that we need to do a little shopping beforehand, and let me tell you, shopping for baby stuff is insane. Insane is spelled Babies ‘R Us.
First, I never realized what a monopoly Babies ‘R Us has on the industry. Sure, Target and Wal-Mart have stuff, but if you want variety, that’s about it. There are neverending rows and rows of things. How long is a kid a “baby” *, and how could they need this much stuff? You’d think our house is a death trap by the number of safety devices available for use.
(* Ok, so when does kid go from infant to baby to toddler? From a kid to a teenager? Is it an age thing? Is it a maturation thing? Is a child a teenager when they turn 13 or when they hate the thought of being seen with you in public? Is a child a toddler at 2 or when they can start motoring around? )
I don’t want to give them ideas, but how have they not hired a mom to walk around the store to talk customers into buying this stuff. “Really, you don’t have a $300 car seat? Well, I guess some of us care about their child’s safety more than others.” “Oh, you don’t have the interactive toys, you just read to them? Well, I guess someone has to mop the floors at my child’s office.” “High Fructose Sugar, eh? Well, the offensive line coach will be glad to play your child.” Actually, they don’t need the mom. The store does a fine enough job as is.
Now, I shouldn’t be entirely harsh. There are things I do like about the ‘R Us. Online shopping lets you get a feel of certain things, and we did get some neat wall clings there. Maybe it’s in my nature to distrust things that get too big and monopolize the market (i.e. ESPN, the Yankees, Ticketmaster).
There is an advantage to living in a larger market though. We do have some options.
When it comes to furniture, R Us, Target, and Wal-Mart are the main options. However, we are lucky enough to have an Ikea in the area. For other things, such as the car seat, we found luck at an unlikely place, Burlington Coat Factory. Ok, so maybe others might not be surprised, but I just assumed that BCF was in the coat business, maybe stretched out to the clothing business, but they are also big into the baby business. They have many of the same things that ‘R Us has, but cheaper.
Will I let the ‘R Us Mom pester me into buying door knob covers? Can we contain our urge to buy every cute thing we see? Will we be able to buy organics without having to mortgage the house? Only time will tell…but we will try to hold strong.


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