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Prepping for a new tenant

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We’re in the midst of prepping for our first meeting with our social worker this week. It’s keeping us busy, and it’s the next big step in the process. We would go through this with anyone visiting, but this is different. Here’s the best example I can think of. In some cultures, if you want to date someone, you must first meet with the family, kind of a pre-approval. That’s what we are doing. Getting pre-approved. Wait, maybe its like buying a house. You go to the bank and get pre-approved for a loan. You don’t walk out with the house, just the stamp that says, hey, this guy can afford to buy a house. Only, we hope we get the parent approved stamp.

So, we’ll make the best impression we can. Just like when we were trying to sell the house, we’ll be staging it to show its best qualities. A coat of paint here and a safety lock there, and voila, a perfect home. Let me tell you about our home.

So many changes are going on at the house. Did you know that our upstairs is now a gated community? Sorry Quinton. No dogs allowed. Only those with thumbs and height can enter this prestigious area alone. The community has a newly remodeled bedroom. It has been spruced up with a new coat of paint, and accessorized to accomodate a baby. Hopefully we will not have to wait long to find a new tenant.

The other bedroom has also been changed to a multi-purpose room. Place for Scott’s sports collectibles? Check. Home office? Check. Guest Bedroom? Check.

The main floor has remained fairly unchanged. Except for safety locks on doors and drawers. Safety First? You bet. There is one added piece of furniture. A cradle in the dining room…sans mattress. Don’t try to find a mattress with a size different than the usual. You can’t. Looks like there may be a date with scissors and duct tape later.

The other piece of news that you may not have heard is that a tornado hit our house. It was very localized as it only hit the basement of the house, although it did seem to suck in a lot of debris from other floors of the house. The hardest hit part was the ping pong table, which is rumored to still exist under the rubble above it. It’ll probably take us days to sort through it all.


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